Between the oil spill in the gulf and the attempted car bombing in Times Square, the massive flooding in Tennessee did not get much national media attention this past week. In fact, Newsweek wrote an article about it titled Why the Media Ignored the Nashville Flood.

We’re always a little bit more interested in what happens when cities flood because Sacramento is considered — after New Orleans — the major U.S. history most in danger of a catastrophic flood (though our ranking may change after seeing what happened to Nashville).

I’m also adding this list to A Compilation Of “The Best…” Lists About Natural Disasters.

Here are The Best Sites For Learning About The Flooding In Tennessee (and are accessible to English Language Learners):

Deadly Southern Floods is a slideshow from The Wall Street Journal.

Flooding in Tennessee is a series of photos from The Boston Globe’s Big Picture.

A Flooded Nashville Skyline is from National Public Radio.

Nashville flooding in pictures is from The Telegraph.

Flooding and the Aftermath in Nashville is a series of photos from The Denver Post.

Nashville Cleans Up is a slideshow from TIME Magazine.

Here’s a video of the flood from MSNBC.

Rescuing Nashville is a CNN video.

Flooding is reminiscent of Katrina is another CNN video.

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