Years ago I went to a couple of conferences that had incredibly talented people “take notes” about what was happening at the conference. They did it by rapidly drawing/summarizing the important points on huge pieces of paper taped on the wall. I found it quite mesmerizing, and would often just watch what they were doing instead of who was speaking (in the same way that I sometimes just watch the amazing interpreters for the deaf at entertainment events).

I believe this technique is called graphic note-taking.

I was able to find some absolutely amazing video examples of this method that made some academic talks incredibly accessible, including one from Daniel Pink talking about his book, Drive. I’ve written a lot about Pink and his research on motivation.

Here can see the Drive from RSA here.

You can see graphic note-taking examples from other RSA talks here.

Because of their accessibility, I’m adding these links to The Best Teacher Resources For “TED Talks” (& Similar Presentations). In addition to TED, I’ve included resources from a few other groups that have accessible and stimulating presentations on that list.

Thanks to Cool Infographics for the tip.