MovieClips, the incredibly useful site with thousands of short movie clips classified in great ways (I’d encourage you to read “Movieclips” Is A Real Find!), has just gotten even better.

You can now create your own “mashups” of their clips. In other words, you can search for a certain them — let’s say, cooking — and put the clips related to cooking together and save them. Instead of searching for the ones you want on the site, you have them all set-up in a row.

Even better, it appears they plan on providing the ability to “trim” the clips just to the portions you want. It says “trim” right now, but it doesn’t appear to work (at least for me). Their search system for the Mashups appears to have a few kinks in it, too, because everytime I searched for something I got the message “Sorry, No results.” Then, when I clicked “Search again with less restrictions” all the results I wanted showed-up.

I’m sure these are just the typical problems of new service. But the usefulness of these mashups are worth the temporary inconvenience.

You might want to read the TechCrunch post that shares more information about future site plans.