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This month’s list is longer than usual.

Here are the posts I personally think are the best, and most helpful, ones I’ve written during this past month (not in any order of preference):

The Brain & Poverty — Upcoming New & Potentially Useful Study

“Will we succeed? The science of self-motivation”

Very Accessible Report On The Importance Of Home Libraries

Here’s What I’m Doing For My Class Final Exam

Will Doodling Help Students Learn Better?

Very Important Study On Learning & The Brain

MovieClips Gets Even Better!

My Concerns About Charters

An Analogy For Bloom’s Taxonomy

Creating A Jazz Chant

Teaching Students To Write “Hooks”

“Eliminating the Achievement Gap Is Educational Alchemy”

“Motivating Students Via Mental Time Travel”

“Using A Star Chart to Teach English Language Learners” (This Post Is Not About Astronomy!)

Fotobabble Gets Even Better!

Here We Go Again: Private Foundations Have A Place (And Have To Be Kept In Their Place)

Comparing Online Translators

Instead Of Encouraging Students To Skip College, How About If We Help Them Get There & Graduate?

Lazyfeed Looks Good

“All 23 of the “Interesting Ways” presentations in one place”

The Best Critique Of “Value-Added” That I’ve Seen…

Versions of Etherpad Are Raining From The Sky…

Now This Is The Way To Make Academic Talks Accessible — Great Examples Of Graphic Note-Taking

“Anger At Our Children” (Or Our Students)


Some Excellent Classroom Management Advice

This Is Why We Have To Be Very Careful With Error Correction

“More Simple Ways To Introduce Reluctant Colleagues To Technology”

Some Great New “TED Talks” Resources

Nice Endorsement Of My ELL Book

What Does A Study On Voter Turn-Out Have To Do With Working With Students?

“How Americans See Europe”

Performance Assessment

ZooBurst Looks Super-Cool!