Even though we still have a week-and-a-half of school left, I figure it’s never too early (or late!) to be reflecting on how I can become a better teacher for my students.

So I’ve begun to think about what I might want to do differently next school year. I’ll be turning my thoughts into both a blog post here and an article for “Teacher Magazine.”

I’d like to include ideas from readers of this blog, too.

So, please, as briefly as you can, share in the comments section of this post one or two things you want to do differently next school year — along with sharing what is prompting you to want to make that change and why.

I’ll include everybody’s plans in the blog post I write, and select a few to include in the article.

In your comment, please include how you would like to be described.

I’m making July 1st the deadline for sharing your ideas, and look forward to hearing from you!