…here are a few more additions to The Best Sites For Learning About The World Cup:

World Cup 2010: South Africa fans party in the streets of Johannesburg during a Bafana Bafana parade is a Telegraph slideshow.

World Cup 2010: Bangkok’s prison World Cup – in pictures is another Telegraph slideshow.

Here’s an interactive World Cup Schedule.

The World Cup’s Kick-Off is a Wall Street Journal slideshow.

MSNBC has an interactive map with information on all the teams.

I’m adding these next resources from The Wall Street Journal with some reluctance. They’re interesting, but they seem to me that they may play to the Western stereotype of the “African witchdoctor.” I’m going to share them, but I am very interested in hearing from people if you think I should keep them here, or remove them from the list:

A Magical Edge For South Africa

Some Africans Are Betting on World Cup Witchcraft