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You sometimes might want to only show portions of online videos and not its whole length. This is a short list of what I’ve found to be the best tools to use to do just that.

Here are my recommendations for The Best Tools For Cutting-Out & Saving Portions Of Online Videos:

Tube Chop allows you to very easily just cut-out the portion of the YouTube clip you want to show. As an example, I’ve embedded a two minute clip from the nauseatingly paternalistic movie “Dangerous Minds” into my other blog, Engaging Parents In School (Though I’ve got issues with the movie, the clip of a teacher home visit is great).  ADDENDUM: I’ve found that Tube Chop now doesn’t work very well, so I can’t recommend it.

SafeShare.TV also lets you crop videos. Nik Peachey has written a good tutorial on how to use it.

Matt Cutts, a Google engineer, explains that it’s possible to directly link to any portion of a YouTube video by just adding a few characters to the end of a YouTube url address. For example. following a YouTube address, if you add #t=31m08s, it will take you 31 minutes and 8 seconds into the video.

Here’s another related app: Video Ant is a neat application that lets you easily “annotate” YouTube videos. You can read more about it at Free Technology For Teachers.

“Drag On Tape” lets you splice portions of different YouTube videos with an online editor. There are other online applications that allow you to cut portions of one video, but I don’t think any of them let you put them all together like “Drag On Tape.” Its slick interface certainly isn’t as simple as those others are, so it might a little tricky for some non-tech savvy people like myself, but many should be able to figure it out.


How to Share a Portion of a YouTube Video is from Richard Byrne.

Youtube Trimmer lets you…trim and crop YouTube videos.

ytCropper – Share a Section of a YouTube Video is from Richard Byrne.

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