As I write in my book on teaching English Language Learners, I have students write a short weekly journal where they share two positive events that happened in their lives and one not so positive occurrence (and what they could have done to make it better). Then, each Friday, they share what they wrote with a partner. I’ve always viewed it as just an opportunity for some writing, speaking, and listening practice, and as a way for me to identify writing issues we need to cover in class.

Though I always do a Friday reflection with my mainstream classes, I don’t always ask them to respond the same question.

There have been some studies that have come out recently that have found a very positive impact between couples when they tell each other about positive events that happened in their day.

I haven’t found anything online that relates this idea to the classroom, but I’m wondering if this kind of sharing helps the classroom atmosphere, relationships between students, and the attitude of individual students. My ELL classroom is generally more positive than my mainstream ninth-grade class. Perhaps I should incorporate this question more regularly?

What do you think? Do you do anything similar?