Regular readers are probably familiar with the internationally-recognized Family Literacy Project we have at our school that provides computers and home internet access to immigrant families. They, in turn, use the technology for English language development activities. We have also worked with the Sacramento Mutual Housing Association (SMHA) to expand the project to their affordable housing developments.

SMHA has just finished their third “cohort” of adults who they trained in both technology and in using tech to learn English. The assessment results have been similar to previous cohorts — here are the before and after test results from the fourteen participants (a mix of Mien and Vietnamese immigrant parents):

English: before –73% after — 89%

Technology:before — 0% after — 76%

These participants were at a somewhat higher English level than previous ones, but began with less understanding of tech than the other cohorts.

Now, after the three month, twice a week course, each of the fourteen families will be receiving a free computer and will have access to Internet service at the SMHA housing development.

Because of funding issues, the future of both our school’s project and the SMHA expansion is, unfortunately, in doubt.