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This month’s list is longer than usual.

Here are the posts I personally think are the best, and most helpful, ones I’ve written during this past month (not in any order of preference):

Easily Create Activities With “Docs Teach” From The National Archives

“Teachers Count” Interviews….Me

“12 Events That Will Change Everything, Made Interactive”

What Does Showing Students How College May Affect Their Future Earnings Do?

Can Having Students Tell About Positive Events In Their Lives Impact The Classroom?

“Sense of Touch Colors Our View of the World”

Bounce Might Be Good For Annotating Websites

Critical Past Has 57,000 Historic Videos

How Much Time Do People Spend At Work And At Play?

Avoiding Goal-Setting Problems — In The Classroom & In Education Policy

Time Map Of World History

Modeling Classroom Behavior With Student Video

More Info On Asking If You Can Achieve Your Goals (Instead of Just Setting Them)

“The Price Of Freedom: Americans At War”

What I Do During The Final Week Of School

How Students Evaluated Me This Year — Part Two (Intermediate English Class)

Test Scores & Evaluating Teachers

How Students Evaluated Me This Year — Part One

My Revised Final Exams (And An Important Lesson)

Grantmakers Meet To Discuss ELL’s — Will Anything Positive Come From It?

If You Go To College, You’ll Live Seven Years Longer?

My Guest Post On NY Times Website

Is “Complicated” To “Complex” As “Puzzle” Is To “Mystery”?

My Personal Responsibility Lesson For This Friday

What Will You Do Differently Next School Year?

Teachers, Put That Red Pencil Away!

I Like Twextra

“Free books block ’summer slide’ in low-income students”

Another Important Study On Motivation

Nice Endorsement Of My ELL Book