Howl lets you easily create a “link blog.” You add the url address of anything, and it will automatically show a thumbnail image and the first lines on that page (you can also edit the description). People can leave comments on the links you post, too.

It’s a very convenient way to share resources, and is very similar to how another service called Slinkset is supposed to work. Nik Peachey has used that service very effectively to share educational technology resources.

Unfortunately, it appears Slinkset has been having some technical difficulties, and despite several communications with them, they seem to be having problems letting new Slinkset users show thumbnail images and the first few lines from the bookmarked page. Having that feature, I think, is really nice, and which is why I like Howl.

What Howl doesn’t have right now is the ability to have multiple link logs on the same account. With that capability, teachers would be able to have individual link logs for subjects and be able to use it to create “link guides” for internet scavenger hunts or Webquests. Students would be able to use, for example, to create Picture Data Sets for specific assignments (categorized images — see The Best Social Bookmarking Applications For English Language Learners & Other Students for more information).

I’ve contacted them with that feature suggestion, and will let readers know what I hear.