I’ve just returned from North Carolina, where I met with a group of teachers from around the country working with The Center For Teaching Quality. We’re preparing a policy report on Teacher Working Conditions and how they relate to student learning.

It was an excellent gathering, with stimulating discussions during the meetings. In addition, there was plenty of informal talk, too, ranging from comparing how doctors were listened to in the health care reform debate and how teachers are not listened to in school reform policy discussions, to wondering if the Obama Administration’s willingness to compromise on just about everything masks an inability to tell the difference between “half a loaf” and “half a baby.” My wife and I also were able to repeatedly experience true “southern hospitality” from the gracious Center staff.

I was finally able to meet several people face-to-face, like John Norton, whose blog is on The Best Blogs For Sharing Resources/Links list.

I also met Barnett Barry, who began the Center over ten years ago, and has done brilliant work working to, not necessarily finding a middle ground in the school reform debate, but instead to transcend it. I’d strongly recommend you subscribe to his blog, Advancing The Teaching Profession, and I’m adding it to The Best (& Most Thoughtful) Blogs On “Big Picture” Education Issues list.

Barnett will also be my “guest” in the next Interview Of The Month.

If you get a chance, I’d also encourage you to check-out the free publications offered at the Centers website.