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Five Guidelines For Effective Classroom Management is the headline of a post I wrote for The British Council.

Ten-Minute Podcast: Vicki Davis Interviews Me About Classroom Management

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As regular readers know, I’ve written a fair amount on classroom management. In fact, I’ve written a couple of books that include much on that topic.

In the meantime, I thought people might find it helpful if I collected my choices for my best posts on this topic into a list.

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Here are my choices for My Best Posts On Classroom Management:

Why Viewing Classroom Management as a Mystery Can Be Helpful is a short excerpt from my new book, and it’s appearing in Education Week.

When A “Good” Class Goes “Bad” (And Back To “Good” Again!)

Maintaining A “Good” Class

More About Maintaining A “Good” Class

“Why Do You Let Others Control You?”

Have You Ever Taught A Class That “Got Out Of Control”?

Writing Letters To Students

“I’ll Work If You Give Me Candy

“How Do You Think Your Mother Felt When I Called To Say You Were Doing Well In Class?”

Students’ Personal Space

The Importance Of Saying “I’m Sorry” To Students

The Best Piece Of Classroom Management Advice I’ve Ever Read

“I Was Disappointed With What Happened Yesterday…”

Some Excellent Classroom Management Advice

“People who are angry pay more attention to rewards than threats” — No Kidding!

“I Haven’t Been Feeling Very Respected….”

My Post-Thanksgiving Letters To Students

Alternatives To Collective Punishment

How To Recover From A Classroom Train Wreck….

Classroom Management Strategy: Here Are Three Things I Want. What Are Three Things You Want?

Quote Of The Day: You Won’t Hear Better Classroom Management Advice Than This….

Now This Is The Classroom Management Mindset I Need To Have….

Q & A Collections: Classroom Management Advice brings all my Education Week Teachers posts on classroom management together in one place.

Video: I Wonder How Many Of Our Students Hear This When We Go Over Classroom Rules?

Stop YELLING AT YOUR KIDS. It’s Bad for Them. is an article in Slate about a study that I’ve previously written about, but this article is particularly good:

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh found that “harsh verbal discipline”—cursing, insults, and shouting—can be as harmful to kids as hitting or spanking.

Here’s an additional excerpt from the article:


Start Off The New Year With This Excellent Classroom Advice

How To Turn A Negative Consequence Into A Positive Classroom Management Strategy

Good classroom management advice: “start small before moving big”:

The citation for the research cited in the video can be found on the video’s YouTube page.

Emphasizing Pride, Not Shame, In Classroom Management

Surprise, Surprise — Study Finds Shouting At Children “creates further discipline problems”

Striking a Balance: Digital Tools and Distraction in School is from Edutopia.

Good Classroom Management Advice: “The Person Who Asks The Questions Controls The Conversation”

“The Dos and Don’ts of Classroom Management: Your 25 Best Tips”

More Teachers Adopting Restorative Discipline Practices is the title of an NEA Today story that unexpectedly features my classroom practice.

Recasting At-Risk Students as Leaders is from Education Week.

Excellent List Of Eleven “Classroom Discipline Mistakes”

Extrinsic Motivation In My Classroom

Here’s an excellent infographic from Middleweb, to go along with an equally good article:

I’ve embedded a chart below that compares how long many different emotions last. Boy, we teachers need to study it and reflect on which ones we think our students feel when they’re in our classrooms:

Keeping ‘The Big Picture In Mind’ While Managing Classrooms is a series of four posts I published on the topic at Education Week Teacher.

Marvin Marshall offers good advice on handling interruptions in the classroom.

12 Ways to Avoid Student Humiliation is from Edutopia.

You Can Read The Entire Ed Week Chat We Did On Classroom Management

Fresh Starts for Hard-to-Like Students is also from Edutopia.

Study: “Authoritative,” Not “Authoritarian,” Classroom Management Works Best For Boys

Questions To Help With Positive Classroom Management

How To Make Difficult Conversations Easy is from TIME.

Quote Of The Day: A Corollary To The Best Piece Of Classroom Management Advice I’ve Heard

Q & A Collections: Classroom Management Advice brings together all my Ed Week Teacher posts from the past four years on classroom management.

100% Upgrades offers some useful classroom management advice from Doug Lemov.

Harvard Business Review Publishes Nice Guide To Positive Classroom Management

My New Classroom Management Strategy: “How Are You Going To Use Your Power?”

Managing Emotions (Yours): Dan Cotton on Strong Voice is by Doug Lemov.

“How Can I Better A Better Teacher For You?”

Lessons from the Incident in South Carolina is from Edutopia.

How to Make Sure You’re Heard in a Difficult Conversation is a short article in the Harvard Business Review, and it’s a must-read for any teacher who sometimes has difficult conversations with students or colleagues.

And who doesn’t?

Here’s how it begins:

A difficult conversation has to be a two-way street. You’re unlikely to come to a resolution if you don’t hear the other person out. But equally important when addressing a conflict is getting your message across. So after you’ve thoroughly listened to your counterpart, increase the likelihood that they will see things your way by doing the following.

Distract The Distractor is a great classroom management tactic from Jennifer Gonzalez.

Second Statistic Of The Day: Food Stamps & Student Behavior

What is ‘Breaking the Plane’? is by Doug Lemov.

Harvard Business Review Publishes Excellent Classroom Management Formula

How Childhood Trauma Could Be Mistaken for ADHD is from The Atlantic.

Why Is Classroom Management Such a Problem for New Teachers? is from Ed Week.

Detour ‘Around the Danger Zones’ of Classroom Management is Part Two in my Education Week Teacher series.

If you’re a teacher, say “please” and “thank you” is by Ray Salazar and On ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ is by Doug Lemov.

Asking “Why” Questions Does Not Improve Behavior is from Marvin Marshall.

Study: Classroom-Management Fixes Work Best When Addressing Social-Emotional Needs is an Ed Week report about a new study on classroom management. I’m not sure if teachers are really going to learn much new from it. However, I’ve got to say that the report itself probably give the best review you’re going to find anywhere about classroom management research.

Guest Post: “Walk & Talks” Are Extremely Effective Way To Connect With Students – Here’s A “How-To” Guide

Working With ‘Difficult’ Students – Part Two is the headline of one of my columns at Education Week Teacher.

Harvard Business Review Criticizes Trump’s Negotiating Skills & Provides Excellent Classroom Management Advice At Same Time

“Resetting” Classroom Management

20 Tips to Help De-escalate Interactions With Anxious or Defiant Students is from MindShift.

Good Advice On How To “Outsmart Your Next Angry Outburst”

Excellent Classroom Management Advice: Focus On Future, Not The Past

The Endless Loop Of Negative Attention

Good Classroom Management Advice For Everybody

Excellent & Simple Three-Step Guide To Classroom Management Challenges

You’ll want to read, and watch, Show & Tell: A Video Column / Two Times Ten Conversations by Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey.

Top tips for getting older students to act their age is by Tom Bennett.

Remembering “Breaking The Plane” Solved My Classroom Problems This Week

Responding to Defiance in the Moment is from Responsive Classroom.


The Chinese Word for Anger Shows the Best Way to Get Mad is from New York Magazine. It’s connected to what community organizers call “cold anger.” In addition to applying it while I was an organizer, I’ve also used it in the classroom to help direct student anger.

Good Advice On “De-Escalating Power Struggles In The Classroom”

New Study Finds That Threats & Using Guilt Tend Not To Produce Student Engagement – Duh!

Atlantic Begins Intriguing Podcast Series Featuring Teachers AND Their Most “Challenging” Students

Focusing On The Impact Classroom Disruptions Have On Others, Not On The Students Doing The Disrupting

11 Research-Based Classroom Management Strategies is by Todd Finley.

Harvard Business Review Publishes Yet Another Excellent Guide To Classroom Management

9 Mistakes That Sabotage Your Classroom Management is by David Geurin.

This Is The Advice I Try To Follow Every Time I Have A Conflict With A Student Or Someone Else

3 Myths About Your Teen’s Bad Attitude is from TIME and shares good advice for parents and teachers alike.

Storytelling As A Classroom Management Strategy

Here’s An Article & Questions We Used For A Good Faculty Discussion On Classroom Management

Three Classroom Management Tips for New Teachers is from Bill Ferriter.

Teachers – And Everybody Else – Can Learn A Lot From This Southwest Pilot’s Audio Recording

Good Classroom Management Advice In The NY Times Today

The Impact Of Asking “Could” Instead Of “Should” In The Classroom

Guest Post: Classroom Management – Redirecting without Escalating

Essential Classroom Management Advice: Listen For The Emotions, Not The Words

Q&A Collections: Classroom Management Advice is the headline of one of my latest Education Week Teacher columns. It includes links to all posts from the past seven years on classroom management – in one place!

Shocker – NOT: Study Finds Not Sweating The Small Stuff Is A Good Classroom Management Strategy

The Role Of Empathy In Classroom Management

21 Phrases to Use in Dealing With Difficult Behaviors is by David Geurin.




Deconstructing Disruption in the Classroom is by Josh Parker.


10 Tips to Maintain Positive Student Behavior is by Rita Platt at Middleweb.

‘Add More Positives’ When Your Classroom Goes South is the headline of one of my latest Education Week Teacher columns. A three-part series on classroom management is wrapped up by Julia Thompson, Rebecca Alber, Madeline Whitaker Good, Stuart Ablon, Alisha Pollastri, Allen Mendler, and Kelly Wickham Hurst. I’ve also included many responses from readers.

Guest Post – Classroom Management: Redirecting without Escalating – Circling Back (Part Two)


This comic offers a pretty good classroom management mindset:



Compassion-Based Strategies for Managing Classroom Behavior appeared in MindShift.


How To Fix A Talkative Class is from Smart Classroom Management.

8 ways to change a child’s ‘bad’ behavior is from The Washington Post.

The Power of Restorative Conversations is from CT3.

8 Proactive Classroom Management Tips is from Edutopia.

Addressing Persistent Defiance is from Edutopia.

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