I know many people love their Kindles, lots are predicting the demise of paper book, and even more are saying the same about traditional newspapers and magazines.

I personally prefer holding the morning paper, an ink-and-paper book, and the feel of a magazine. From what I read and hear, in the future only fuddy duddies of my age (50) and above are going to feel that way.

So, in an entirely unscientific poll, I asked my eighteen-year-old daughter if she would mind asking her friends if they preferred to read off a screen, or off some ink-and-paper product.

She was unable to find a single person who preferred reading off a screen.

When school opens, I’m going to ask the same question to my students, and ask other teachers to do the same.

What have you found, and what do you think? Are my daughter’s friends atypical?

(listen to what Ms. Stewart’s students had to say to this question earlier this year)