I haven’t posted about many webcam-related activities because it’s a bit problematic for many teachers to install webcams on school computers. But I figured that some are successful in getting that allowed and, even for those of us who can’t, students can use their own at home, so I decided to make this “The Best…” list. In addition, it might be handy just for our own personal use.

Most of these are pretty simple and sweet — record and then email. Plus, in order to be on this list they have to be free-of-charge. I’ve noted where there might be small differences.

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Here are my choices for The Best Applications For Sending Online Video Messages (not in order of preference):


Recordr.tv is a very simple application that lets you make online video or just a audio messages that you can send online. No registration is required. The only negative is that you can see the most recent messages other people sent, which can be problematic for classroom use.

Easyhi lets you easily create free video eCards. It gives you lots of options to use YouTube videos, but it also lets you record your own.

MailVU is a super-easy way to send a free video message by email, and no registration is required.

Six3 lets you send a free video message via iPhone, PC or Mac. Registration is required, but it takes seconds. It’s very easy to use.

Glide is an iPhone app that lets you easily share video messages and is rapidly gaining popularity.

You can read more about it in The New York Times.

Firefox Releases Free Video Calling System Built Into Browser

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