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As regular readers know, I am no fan of standardized tests or extensive test prep for them, but they are a reality and I do indeed try to help my students become “test wise” (see My Best Posts On How To Prepare For Standardized Tests (And Why They’re Bad)).

As part of this effort, I’m thinking that one day in the computer lab doing self-correcting tests can’t hurt, and would be a relatively painless way of getting students a little more familiar with them, and, I hope, confident. I’m also thinking that at least some tests in different states might be relatively similar.

So I’ve begun compiling a list of sites that offer free online self-correcting practice tests for state assessments, and I’m hoping that readers can contribute a lot more. As I mentioned, the criteria include:

* being free

* being interactive and self-correcting — in other words, not a PDF of test prep questions

* ideally, no registration is required. However, if it’s a really good site, I’ll overlook that requirement.

* the questions are sample questions from previously released versions of the state tests, or modeled on them

Here are the ones I’ve come up with so far, but I’m hoping that readers can contribute far more:

SOL Practice Tests (Virginia) from the Wise County Alternative Education Center

Virginia State Standards of Learning Practice Tests — Science, Math & Technology

Elementary Test Prep For New York — Oswego School District

High School Test Prep For New York — Oswego School District

Ohio Department Of Education Practice Tests

Texas Education Agency — Released Tests–Interactive Online Versions

Online CAHSEE Practice Tests

Maryland High School Assessment Program

Online reading tests

Varsity Tutors

The New York Times Learning Network provides regular interactive “Test Yourself” questions in various subjects that can service as useful student practice for standardized tests:



Critical Thinking


“editing practice”

ELL Practice

Problem Attic

Next Generation “SMARTER” tests

Students are test-driving new Common Core exams. You can too is a post from The Hechinger Report. It includes links to practice tests from the two testing consortia. The ones from PARCC have an answer key, though, at first glance, the SBAC ones do not (let me know if I just missed it).

Khan Academy & College Board Announce New Free SAT Prep

I’m looking forward to more suggestions in the comment section…

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