I thought readers might find it useful if I collected what I consider to be the best posts I’ve written on what are commonly considered to be “school reform” issues. These posts are not just links to other resources (though they may include some of those, too). They are ones that contain more of my thoughts and reflections on those issues

Here are my choices for My Best Posts On “School Reform” (not in any order of preference):

“Data-Driven” Versus “Data-Informed”

Should “Efficiency” Really Be The Driving Force In Hospitals (And Schools)?

This Is What I Wish President Obama Would Say On Thursday

One Very Disappointing Part Of President Obama’s Speech Today

Here We Go Again: Private Foundations Have A Place (And Have To Be Kept In Their Place)

Evaluating Teachers In Order To Fire Them?

Would Arne Duncan Have Eaten The Marshmallow?

Can The Brookings Institution Really Be That Clueless?

Compasses Or Road Maps?

The Problem With “Bribing Students”

New Study Shows That Paying Students For Higher Test Scores Doesn’t Work

Why I Oppose Teach For America Coming To Sacramento

Are Some School Reform Technocrats Using Failed Urban Renewal Projects As Their Blueprint?

My Thoughts On Seth Godin’s Post “Without Them”

Is Figuring Out How To Make Schools Better A Puzzle Or A Mystery?

What Newt Gingrich Thinks Students Should Learn

Avoiding Goal-Setting Problems — In The Classroom & In Education Policy

“I just thought it would end differently this time”

I Love This Quote From Education Secretary Arne Duncan

How Much “Content” Knowledge Do You Really Need To Be An Effective Teacher?

“On The Importance Of Being Unprincipled”

Will Somebody Tell Secretary Duncan’s Staff That There Are “Regular” Public Schools Engaging Parents, Too?

“The Price Is Double” — Two Stories About School Reform & Money

Did You Know That THE Key To Saving American Education Is Firing Bad Teachers?

Now We Know How To “Fix” Schools — Fire 80% Of All New Teachers

“The best kind of teacher evaluation” is the title of my guest piece at the Washington Post’s “The Answer Sheet.”

Class Size DOES Matter

What Are These Superintendents Thinking?

There Are Some Right Ways & Some Wrong Ways To Videotape Teachers — And This Is A Wrong Way

Why I’m Afraid The Gates Foundation Might Be Minimizing Great Tools For Helping Teachers Improve Their Craft

Might “School Reformers” Go “A Bridge Too Far”?

Today, A Reporter Asked Me What I Thought Of Michelle Rhee. This Is What I Told Him…

The Michigan Fish Test and school reform

The People Who Want To Get Rid Of Tenure & Say Teacher Experience Isn’t That Important Should Read This Interview

I Don’t Like “Accountability”

Shortcuts, School Reform & Private Foundations

Oh, New Yorker Magazine, How Could You?

Why Do So Many Ordinarily Thoughtful Columnists “Lose It” When They Write About Schools?

“Why Teachers Like Me Support Unions”

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