Well, a “gazillion” might be a bit of an exaggeration.

Actually, I’ve bookmarked 120 new resources for International Baccalaureate’s Theory of Knowledge class on my Delicious account. This link will take you to everything that is tagged as TOK. You can then see how each of them are then also tagged with a specific Ways of Knowing or Areas of Knowledge label.

I have even more resources divided on our Theory of Knowledge class blog. I just haven’t gotten around to adding these 120 new resources there, though there is a link to them.

Until I get around to integrating all these new resources into my curriculum (I’ve been collecting them for several months now), I’ll try to periodically give students an opportunity to choose one from the different sections as we study them and have small groups prepare their own lessons to teach to the class.

Eventually, I get around to posting here how I’m modifying elements of the TOK curriculum and using them with my English Language Learners.