The first part of this post is my usual introduction to this series. If you’re familiar with it already, just skip down to the listing of new sites…

Here’s the latest installment in my series on The Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly. As you may remember, in order to make it on this list, the web tool has to:

* be easily accessible to English Language Learners and/or non-tech savvy computer users.

* allow people to create engaging content within minutes.

* host the user’s creation on the site itself indefinitely, and allow a direct link to be able to be posted on a student or teacher’s website/blog to it (or let it be embedded). If it just provides the url address of the student creation, you can either just post the address or use , a free web tool that makes pretty much any url address embeddable.

* provide some language-learning opportunity (for example, students can write about their creations).

* not require any registration.

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I’ll also be publishing an “all-time best” list later this year.

Here are the newest additions:

USE ICONS TO CREATE A WORD OR PHRASE: I learned about Iconscrabble from Angela Maiers, who writes a blog I would strongly recommend you subscribe to if you don’t already. It lets you write a word or short phrase using popular icons.

MAKE A JACKSON POLLOCK PAINTING: Drips let you paint like Jackson Pollock, and you can save it online. And you don’t have to register for it. Even cooler, it gives you a choice of painting it with either your mouse or your webcam and computer microphone. With your webcam, you can use your cellphone light or something else as a brush and your voice to change the color.

CREATE OR COMPLETE A MADLIB: There is a new site called…Madlibs that lets you easily create your own. It could be a fun little filler if you have a few minutes leftover in the computer lab some day. You can then post the links on a teacher/student blog or website for others to complete. I could see creating them, and completing ones your peers made, could be a good activity. A caveat, however, is that it appears the most recent mad libs done on the site are posted on the homepage, and some might be a little off-color. However, the site’s owner tells me he is working to develop a way to deal with that issue.

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