The issue of who should attend college, how they can be successful while there, and what kind of support they need in order to graduate is regularly discussed in schools and in the media.

I thought it might be useful to pull together a “The Best…” list on this topic including several of my own posts and posts from others whom I respect.

This is a companion list to The Best Resources For Showing Students Why They Should Continue Their Academic Career.

Here are my picks for The Best Posts About Getting Our Students To Attend College (unless indicated otherwise, the posts were written by me):

Instead Of Encouraging Students To Skip College, How About If We Help Them Get There & Graduate?

Should We Give Up on College? by Claus von Zastrow

___________ Shouldn’t Attend College by Corey Bunje Bower

Encouraging Low-Income Students To Go To College

Getting Our Students & Their Families Thinking About College

Getting Low-Income Students to Graduate by Monica Potts at The American Prospect

The American Indian College Fund has just published Native Pathways: A College-Going Guidebook. It:

provides content related to how to get into college, choose a school, pay for it, and what to expect the first year in a way that speaks to Native cultures and experiences as students consider attending college.

Additional suggestions are welcome.

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