As regular readers know, I’m working on my third book, which now has a new working title, Student Self-Motivation, Responsibility, and Engagement:Practical Answers to Classroom Challenges. It’s a long one, but it is an accurate description of what it’s about.

It will certainly contain ideas for for using educational technology, but that will not be its primary focus. Some of the reviewers of my manuscript suggested I include even a few more tech ideas than I originally had, which I can easily do.

But that got me thinking — how much is technology REALLY used in most classrooms?

So, I have created a very simple survey that should take people considerably less than one minute to complete. It’s admittedly not very scientific, and may very well not provide an extremely accurate answer to the question. But, at the every least, it’ll be interesting to see how people respond.

It’s embedded in this post, though I’m not sure if it will show itself in an RSS Reader or in Feedblitz email subscriptions. So you might have to click through to the post itself.

I’ll leave the poll open until September 15th. The poll is only supposed to allow one response from an individual computer.

Thanks in advance for completing it. Please pass it on to others, too! I’ll look forward to sharing the results.

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