The annual survey on education issues conducted by Phi Delta Kappa International and the Gallup Organization was released today, and it had some interesting results.

You can read an Ed Week summary here, and see an excellent longer summary from the pollsters themselves here.

A few highlights:

* Only 34% of those polled give President Obama an A or B on his education agenda (for my feelings, see “Obama’s Awful Education Plan”)

* “Three of four Americans oppose the idea of paying students money to read books, attend school, or strive for better grades. Consistent with this finding, only one in four parents said they paid their children to do better in school.” (for my feelings, see The Problem With “Bribing Students”)

* Three of four Americans believe success in school is based on effort and not natural ability. (This is in keeping with the lesson I teach on the brain being more like a muscle that gets stronger as we exercise it)

There’s a lot of interesting data in the summary….