This ongoing saga of the trapped miners in Chile is going to be a gripping tale — unfortunately, for a long time. I suspect my students are going to be interested in it, especially as the time they are trapped underground goes on.

So, I thought I’d begin a “The Best…” list, and add links to it with new developments.

Here are my choices for The Best Sites For Learning About The Trapped Miners In Chile (and that are accessible to English Language Learners):

Rescuers Make Contact With Miners In Chile is a TIME Magazine slideshow.

Trapped Underground is an Associated Press interactive.

Physical, mental ordeal awaits trapped miners in Chile is from CNN.

Chile’s Efforts To Rescue Miners is a Wall Street Journal interactive.

Dinner for Chile miners — 2 spoonfuls of tuna is the headline for several features from MSNBC.

Chilean Miners Found Alive is a Wall Street Journal slideshow.

2 Days of Food Stretched for Weeks in Chile Mine is a series of multimedia features from CBS News.

Trapped Chilean Miners Face Psychological Challenges is from ABC News.

Facing Long Mine Rescue, Chile Spares No Expense is a good NY Times article that would have to be modified for ELL’s.

How Will Chilean Miners Stay Sane? is a similar article from Newsweek.

The Miracle of The San Jose Mine is a slideshow from The Wall St. Journal.

The Miners is a Wall St. Journal interactive.

Here’s a video from the Wall Street Journal of the trapped miners.

Raw Video Shows Organized, Optimistic Chilean Miners comes from TIME.

Chilean miners discovered alive, but will be trapped for months is a Washington Post slideshow.

The Guardian has an excellent interactive.

Chile begins drilling mine rescue shaft is an article, video and graphic from the BBC.

Trapped Chilean Miners Forge Refuge is a New York Times article.

The BBC has a special section filled with multimedia features on the miners.

Miners in Chile trapped underground in the San Jose gold and copper mine in Copiapo is a slideshow from The Telegraph.

Waiting for help: People who have been trapped for extended periods is a very interesting slideshow from The Washington Post. Here’s how they describe it:

The Chilean miners continue to wait for help to arrive. Christmas may come and go before they are freed. But they are not the first to be trapped. Here are other instances where individuals have been forced to wait in confined quarters for a long period of time.

At Chile mine, help comes in many forms is an article in the LA Times that also includes several multimedia features.

Trapped In A Chilean Mine is from The Big Picture.

“What If Everything You Needed To Survive Had To Fit Through This Space?” is a Newsweek infographic showing the actual size of the bore hole being used to supply the trapped Chilean miners, and lists what is sent down to them through it.

Chile miners: Family joy as rescue capsule arrives is a BBC article and video about the latest development in the rescue of the trapped Chilean miners.

It appears that the rescue of the trapped Chilean miners might be happening quite soon. The Los Angeles Times has a slideshow and article about the developments titled Chile miner rescue.

Chilean miners trapped in San Jose mine: infographic comes from The Telegraph.

Chilean miners arguing about who comes up last is the headline of an article in the Telegraph. The article includes links to multimedia features.

Preparations for Chile Mine Rescue Operation is a New York Times slideshow.

A Final Rescue Phase is a New York Times interactive.

CNN has a ton of multimedia features.

TIME Magazine has a slideshow about the rescue.

Here’s a BBC infographic showing what has been supplied to the miners.

Chile miners: rescue capsule brings trapped miners to the surface is a slideshow from The Telegraph.

Joy as first Chile miners freed is a BBC slideshow.

Rescue of 33 Chilean miners is underway is a USA Today page with links to many multimedia features.

Chile Mine Rescue is from CNN.

The Wall Street Journal has video of the rescue.

MSNBC also has a slideshow on the rescue.

Chilean Miners: 30 Rescued, 3 Waiting is a neat NY Times interactive.

USA Today has an interactive showing how the rescue is being done.

Joyous mission to save 33 miners in Chile proceeds is from USA Today.

Chile Mine Rescue In News is a Wall Street Journal sharing headlines from around the world.

Rescued From The Chilean Mine is from The Big Picture.

All 33 Miners Pulled to Safety in Chile comes from The New York Times.

Rescue of Chilean miners is a Washington Post slideshow.

Trapped miners are all rescued is from the CBBC Newsround.

Here are two articles from The New York Times that would be challenging to ELL’s, but offer excellent information. A teacher could modify them:

After Rescue, Miners Tell of Ordeals and Plot New Lives

Miners Defy Dire Predictions on Fitness and Spirit

All 33 Chilean Miners Rescued is a Breaking New English lesson from English Language Learners

The Chilean miners’ amazing power of togetherness is an article from Salon.

Chile y Toda el Mundo: Connecting the Chilean Miners Story With Universal Themes is an excellent lesson plan from The New York Times Learning Network.

MSN has an interesting slideshow on “Amazing Rescues,” including the miners.

What happens to survivors of underground ordeals? is a slideshow from Newsweek.

Audio slideshow: 69 days underground is a very good piece from the BBC.

Stories of Hope and Hardship of ‘Los 33’ is a New York Times article interviewing some of the miners who were trapped in Chile.

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