Ed Week has just published an article that is a very important one that all school “reformers” (and anybody else in education) should read. San Diego Schools Set a New Agenda After Backlash tells the story of what happens in a District when a Superintendent tries to shove through his own plan without working with teachers, planners and administrators.

Frederick Hess calls it “…an enormous cautionary note when we hear [U.S. Secretary of Education Arne] Duncan talk about how we’re going to drive reform.”

The final comment in the article comes from a San Diego deputy superintendent:

“We’ve definitely recognized that trust is a component that triggers academic success.”

Especially after Arne Duncan’s continued support for efforts like the LA Times making teacher rankings public (see Why I Think Arne Duncan Has Just Made His Biggest Mistake), I’m not sure how much trust is left for him among a lot of educators.