Ken Wilson has shared some good teaching tips in a two part post.

I’m not enthusiastic about his title, “Motivating the Unmotivated,” because, as I’ve written before:

Anytime I hear or read about “motivating students,” I cringe a bit.

An organizing truism (one that I learned during my twenty-year community organizing career) is that you might be able to bribe, cajole, badger, or threaten somebody to do something over the short-term (I’ve certainly done my share of that, and I’ve written about the negative results). But I don’t think you can really “motivate” anybody to do anything beyond a very, very, very short timeline, after which the initial enthusiasm quickly dissipates.

However, you can help another person find what will motivate themselves.

But that reservation doesn’t take anything away from his excellent content — ten great teaching tips. Though they are geared towards ESL/EFL teachers, most would be applicable to any teaching situation.