I enjoy comic strips, and they can be great teaching and learning tools.

I’ve been cutting them out for years, but thought I’d start collecting them online for an annual list. And I would love it, and I’m sure many readers would, too, if you would contribute links to the ones you’ve used in your classes — not limited to this year. I’ll then publish a “Part Two” of this list. It would be great if you could leave your suggestions by October 1st. By that time, I will have probably looked up more of the comics that I’ve been using over the years and found url addresses for them.

I’m also not just limiting the list to comics we use in the classroom. There are quite a few that offer critiques and wisdom about our schools (plus technology) that can make us teachers think and laugh, too.

Of course, teachers and students can also make their own comic strips. Check out The Best Ways To Make Comic Strips Online.

Here are my choices for The Best Comic Strips For Students & Teachers 2010 (And Earlier):

For Better Or For Worse:

“I’ve Forgot” This is why we need to be very careful with error correction


“Well, Yes and No” A great way to define ambiguity

Pearls Before Swine:

I Sit, You Sit, They Sit is for anyone who has ever had to conjugate verbs

Why You So Boring?

Grading Papers Shouldn’t Make You Cry

Missiles Are Quicker reminds me of how Arne Duncan wants to deal with some “underperforming” schools. It also relates to my post titled “Are Some School Reform Technocrats Using Failed Urban Renewal Projects As Their Blueprint?

Your Mouth Says ‘Secure” But Your Facebook Friend Count Screams ‘Loser’

Sally Forth:

Is My Future Going To Be That Bleak?

I’m Trying To Mix Things Up A good lesson for all of us to keep in mind


I Am So Over Adolescence Do we ever respond to our students this way?

I’m sure many of us have accumulated quite a few great comics. Please share them in the comments section!

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