I have the word “Best” in quotation marks for this list because I definitely don’t consider it a great collection, and I hope to revise it substantially in the future.

We’re just starting to work with our Intermediate English Language Learners on writing an autobiographical incident essay, and I wanted to pull together a list of related online activities they could do when we visit the computer lab twice each week. It has not been easy to find good ones.

So I’ve created a list of interactives that are connected to the writing skills they will need, though in some the connections are stronger than in others.

I’m hopeful that readers will contribute additional ones.

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Here are my rather weak choices for The ‘Best” Sites For Helping Students Write Autobiographical Incident Essays:

Here’s a good model.

Here are three other models:

You can find more examples here.

Helping Students Create “Public Narratives”

“Storybooth” Is A Treasure Chest Of Autobiographical Incident Models


Thanks to Sandy Millin, I learned about Comics for Inclusive English Language Learning. It’s an amazing site with high-interest comics with audio support provided to the text.  They are leveled based on English proficiency. It’s a great place for Intermediates to get reading material. But it’s much more than that…. After each comic, readers learn the structures for writing essays through an image-based quiz system.It’s really pretty ingenious.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

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