Ya Po Cha, a talented Hmong language teacher at our school, created a PowerPoint presentation on Common Grammar Errors By Hmong ELL’s that he allowed me to share on this blog a year or two ago.

He’s now just authored a book titled An Introduction to Hmong Culture.

Here’s how the publisher describes it:

Presenting a holistic perspective of the Hmong way of life, this book touches on every aspect of the Hmong culture, including an overview of their history and traditions, relationships between Hmong parents and their children, the rites and traditions of Hmong wedding and funeral ceremonies, the celebration of the Hmong New Year, home restrictions and other superstitious taboos, arts and politics. The book features and explains many Hmong words, phrases and proverbs.

I’m sure it would be useful and interesting to to teachers who have Hmong students, Hmong students themselves, and to anyone else who just wants to learn more about the Hmong.