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These links are great both for English Language Learners and for my IB Theory of Knowledge students.

The ELL’s can describe what they see, and both they and the TOK students can use them to debate if they are art, and if so, why.

Here are my choices for The Best Examples of “Unusual” Art:

Carl Warner’s Foodscapes is a slideshow from The Telegraph: “British photographer Carl Warner creates amazing foodscapes: landscapes constructed entirely from fruits and vegetables, cheeses, breads, fish, meat and grains.”

22 Most Impressive Things Ever Made From Balloons

7 Innovative Artists Who Create Art from Trash: Projected, Recycled and Other Amazing Art

Pencil sculptures: miniature masterpieces carved into graphite is a slideshow from The Telegraph

7 Weirdest Paintings Passed Off As Art is an article that is pretty self-explanatory.

12 Creatively Placed Street Art includes some pretty ingenious stuff (though one might be considered a little gross).

Turning trash into visionary art is an intriguing slideshow from Slate.

Fantastic foodscapes is an MSNBC slideshow of some pretty strange artistic uses of food.

The Art Of Yarn Bombing is a TIME Magazine slideshow.

Whimsical Works of Art, Found Sticking to the Sidewalk is a New York Times article, with photos, of an artist who paints chewing gum discarded on sidewalks.

The World’s Largest Wooden Urban Sculpture is a TIME Magazine slideshow.

Museum of Bad Art: Too bad to be ignored is a slideshow from The Independent.

This video of an artist creating “watermelon art” is pretty amazing:

Watermelon skin carving from Vid Nikolic on Vimeo.

World’s Ugliest Public Art is a slideshow from Travel and Leisure.

The Amazing Shadow Paintings of Rashad Alakbarov are some pretty amazing and unusual artistic creations.

Sculptor creates models worth thousands… made out of PENCILS is from The Mail Online.

Why make art no-one can see? is from The BBC.

Brilliant breakfast: Pancake artist recreates famous paintings, 3D animals and replicas of food with pancake batter and syrup is from The Daily Mail.

Artist of the Floating World shows an artist’s project of creating big floating…dice:

This photo gallery of shadow sculptures is pretty amazing.

playful sculptures from everyday objects by kazuki guzman is from Design Boom.

Tongue-Painting Chimp Takes 1st Place in Art Contest is from Live Science.

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