I periodically post about why I like Edublogs so much as a blog-hosting platform  — great customer service, dependability, the fact that many school content filters don’t block it, ease of use, etc.

I recently inquired about the safety and reliability of its ability to back-up blogs it hosts, and, though I don’t understand all of the answer James Farmer gave me, what I do understand certainly makes me feel secure. Here is what he said:

Edublogs lives on it’s own personal cloud, made up of 10 or so different servers that provide web files, database queries, caching
and everything else required.

Each server is in RAID configuration so that even if a drive fails, we’ll be ok.

We’re hosted via Serverbeach / Peer1 – the largest and most trusted hosting provider on the planet, and the former host of YouTube (before they moved to Googles servers)

And we’re managed by the ex SysAdmin on the New York Times website.

And, what’s more, everything is backed up to Amazon’s S2 cloud service, so even if the datacenter was to be blown up, at worst you
might lose a few comments before we had you back up again.

Here’s some info on how we’re set up:

How to scale WordPress to half a million blogs and 8,000,000 page views a month

But of course we’ve advanced since then, too.

Sounds good to me!