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Next month, I’ll be posting a “The Best…” list related to the “wonders of the world” — both ancient and modern. As sort of a companion list, I thought it would be interesting to bring together some accessible resources highlighting what are considered the most popular tourist destinations.

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Here are my choices for The Best Sites Showing The Most Popular Tourist Destinations In The World:

The world’s greatest attractions is a slideshow from The Guardian.


Busbud has created in interactive map showing the most Instagrammed locations in the United States and Canada. It’s pretty neat because it also links to Instagram photos from those locations.

Unfortunately, though, I think that it’s unlikely that most school’s content filters are going to provide student access to Instagram. In that case, Vox has reproduced a chart listing the most Instagrammed place in each state.

The encouraging travel trend that’s on the rise is from The NY Post.

The Importance Of Ethical Tourism

Sustainable Tourism/Resources/Lesson Plans 1-8 is from Wiki Educator.

Infographic Of The Week: “10 Travel Destinations for Post-Pandemic Life”


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