Every month I make a short list highlighting my choices of the best resources I shared through (and learned from) Twitter, but didn’t necessarily include them in posts here on my blog. Now and then, in order to make it a bit easier for me, I may try to break it up into mid-month and end-of-month lists.

I’ve already shared in earlier posts several new resources I found on Twitter — and where I gave credit to those from whom I learned about them. Those are not included again in this post.

If you don’t use Twitter, you can also check-out all of my “tweets” on Twitter profile page or subscribe to their RSS feed.

Here are my picks for October’s Best Tweets — Part Two(not listed in any order):

“Out My Window” is an amazing multimedia 3D online storytelling feature

The Myth of Charter Schools by Diane Ravitch | The New York Review of Books

Fixing Our Schools Requires More Than Hiring Smarter Teachers and Firing Incompetent Ones by Barnett Berry

What’s your sentence?:The movie by Daniel Pink

How Google understands language like a 10-year-old, SF Chronicle

Income Inequality: Too Big to Ignore, NY Times

Larry Cuban’s latest thoughts on school reform

Money and the Market for High Quality Schools by “School Finance 101”

“What Are The World’s Top Tunnels?” slideshow from TIME Mag

Don’t wait for Superman — focus on teachers, Boston Globe

Are you a Teacherpreneur?

McDonald’s Insists Happy Meals Can Grow Mold, The Atlantic

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