Education Week published a ton of resources about teacher professional development resources this week. I’m sure they’re worth reviewing (and I’ll be checking them out later this weekend), but want to share here the story Stephen Sawchuk uses to introduce the report:

A man dies and goes to heaven. Passing the pearly gates, he notices that there are plenty of folks from all professions and walks of life standing around, but no teachers.

“Where are all the teachers?” he inquires of God.

“Oh, they’re in professional development,” God replies. “In hell.”

Unfortunately, this is an all-to-common experience of teachers.

Fortunately, at our school, we’re lucky enough to have our needed professional development support identified by teachers with administrators. It’s not done “to” us. That’s why we work so closely with the California Writing Project, Kelly Young at Pebble Creek Labs, and spend a lot of time working collaboratively ourselves.

Thanks to John Norton for the tip.