I thought readers might find it useful if I brought together my choices for The Best Posts On Building Parent Engagement In Schools during this past year.

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Here they are (not in any order of preference):

Teachers Have Got To Stop Blaming Parents

What A Terrible Video About Parents & Schools With A Terrible Message

Unusual — And Important — Parent Engagement Study Validated

Obama’s Blueprint For Reform Is Very Weak On Parent Engagement/Involvement

My Book On Parent Engagement Is Now Available On The Kindle

Can The Brookings Institution Really Be That Clueless?

Parent Engagement Interview

How NOT To Communicate With Parents

Latest Assessment Results From Family Literacy Project

Will Somebody Tell Secretary Duncan’s Staff That There Are “Regular” Public Schools Engaging Parents, Too?

New Article On Making Home Visits

Wow! What A Study On School Leadership…

Parent Engagement Interview

Great Teacher Home Visit Video Clip

Private Foundations Have a Place (& Have To Be Kept In Their Place)

Why Paying Parents To Attend School Events Is Wrong

Parent/Teacher Home Visit Project

Facebook Money Used To Talk To Parents — Uh Oh

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