I thought readers might be interested in an update on my books.

My third book, tentatively titled Student Self-Motivation, Responsibility, and Engagement:Practical Answers to Classroom Challenges, should be published by Eye On Education in late spring of 2011.  I’ll be publishing excerpts leading up to its publication in various periodicals and in this blog.

I’ve begun working with my colleague, Katie Hull, on my fourth book. This one will be focused on teaching English Language Learners, and I’ll be sharing more information about it next year.

My second book, English Language Learners: Teaching Strategies That Work should be available on Kindle sometime next year and can obviously be purchased as a hard copy now. You can read excerpts from it here. I’ve recently done a podcast and written some additional promotional materials related to it, and believe that Linworth Publishing will be distributing them sometime in December.

My first book, Building Parent Engagement In Schools, recently had its Kindle edition made available. You can search inside that book on Amazon, and can also read excerpts from it here.