I regularly share my picks for the most useful posts of each month. I also publish a list of the month’s most popular posts, based on the number of times they are “clicked-on” (though I’m a bit behind on that one).

I also share a list of Post Rank’s analysis of each month’s top posts. Post Rank uses a variety of ways to measure level of “engagement” that readers have with specific blog posts. I have a constantly updated “widget” on my blog’s sidebar that lists these posts, but I thought a monthly post would be helpful/interesting to subscribers who don’t regularly visit the blog itself.

Here are their rankings for the month of November:

  1. The Best Web 2.0 Applications For Education — 2010
  2. The Best “The Best…” Lists For English Language Learners — 2010
  3. The Best Quotes About Education — Contribute Your Own Favorites
  4. What Was The Best Education-Related Book You Read In 2010?
  5. Wow! Wylio Is An Amazing Photo Site
  6. “My twitter challenge: Ten people I follow on twitter and why”
  7. “ookaboo” Is A New Site For Free Images
  8. The Best “The Best…” Lists On School Reform Issues — 2010
  9. My Post-Thanksgiving Letters To Students
  10. My Best Posts On Building Parent Engagement In Schools — 2010
  11. The Best Resources, Articles & Blog Posts For Teachers Of ELL’s — 2010
  12. Student Metacognition & Instructional Strategies
  13. The Best Articles/Blog Posts On What The Election Results Mean For Schools — Contribute More
  14. The Best Applications For Creating Free Email Newsletters
  15. The Best “The Best…” Lists Related To Social Studies — 2010
  16. There Are Now 550 “The Best…” Lists
  17. “25 Important Twitter Guides and Apps For Teachers”
  18. The Best “The Best…” Lists Offering Practical Classroom Advice To Teachers — 2010
  19. Storytelling Apps For The iPhone
  20. The Best Resources For Learning How To Best Give Feedback To Students
  21. “Webcam Research Helps Kids Improve Reading Fluency”
  22. The Best Places To Find The Most Popular (& Useful) Resources For Educators –2010
  23. “The Most Beautiful Words In The English Language”
  24. My Nominees For The 2010 Edublog Awards
  25. Snip.ly Is Interesting
  26. “ESL TED Talks”
  27. Important Research For Writing Persuasive Essays
  28. Tips For Setting-Up A Class Blog With Edublogs