For the past year, I’ve been privileged to work with thirteen teachers from “high-needs” schools around the country, and with the extraordinary staff of the Center For Teaching Quality, to help develop a report providing realistic and practical recommendations for improving our schools. This effort has been graciously supported by the Ford Foundation.

The Transforming School Conditions report has just been released today.

I’ll be writing a more extensive article about it within the next week or so, but wanted to encourage readers to explore it now.

We specifically explore and make recommendations in five areas:

1.Recruitment and preparation pathways for teacher candidates

2. Assessment and evaluation systems for students and teachers

3. Development of professional networks within and across schools to support teaching and

4. Empowerment and professional leadership for teachers

5. Investment of community resources to develop and support effective schools

It may sound surprising to some, but we teachers might have a few decent ideas about how to improve our schools….