Voting has just begun for this year’s Edublog Awards. Voting ends on December 14th.

Thanks to many who nominated me in five categories:

Best Individual Edublog

Best Resource Sharing Blog

Best Individual Tweeter

Best Educational Tech Support Edublog

Lifetime Achievement

I’d also encourage you to consider voting  for the people I nominated:

Best individual blog: Bill Ferriter’s “The Tempered Radical”

Best individual tweeter: Shelly Terrell

Best group blog: TLN Teacher Voices

Best new blog: InterACT from Accomplished California Teachers

Best resource sharing blog: David Kapuler’s Technology Tidbits

Best teacher blog: David Deubelbeiss

Best school administrator blog: Connected Principals

Best educational tech support blog: The Edublogger

Best educational use of audio: Sean Banville’s Breaking News English

Best educational use of video / visual: Russell Stannard’s Teacher Training Videos

Best educational use of a social network: EFL Classroom 2.0

Lifetime achievement: Sue Waters

No matter who you vote for, though, please take the time to explore the nominations in all categories.  It’s a great way to learn about new great blogs and other resources that are out there!

Nominated Best Individual Blog

Nominated Best Individual Tweeter

Nominated Best Resource Sharing Blog

Nominated Best Ed Tech Support

Nominate Life Time Achievement