I’ve posted about quite a few websites related to health over the past few years, but have never actually done a “year’s best” list.

However, I have written several health-related “The Best…” lists, which include:

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I decided my lack of a year-end health list was an oversight worth correcting this year. So here are my choices for The Best Health Sites — 2010 (not in any order of preference):

State Health Stats is an amazing interactive infographic showing many health statistics about the fifty states. It’s very accessible.

The History of Vaccines is a lively interactive from The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. It has an interactive timeline that would be accessible to English Language Learners and online activities that are probably only accessible to advanced ELL’s.

Lunch Line Redesign is a New York Times interactive that highlights ways that school cafeterias are using to encourage students to eat more healthy foods. It’s really quite interesting, and I think it could be a great discussion starter with students.

Better Health Conversation is an interactive from Web MD and General Electric that helps you prepare for your next doctor’s visit. It’s accessible and engaging.

Disney’s Healthy Kids site provides a lot of good information on healthy nutrition in a way accessible to English Language Learners. It’s quite interactive with games and animations, and appears to be free of advertising.

The Trust For America’s Health has published a map titled F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future 2010. It shows adult and child obesity rates by state.

CVS Pharmacy has a pretty impressive multimedia collection of health resources. There are three sections on the site — animations, multimedia, and audio. The animations are engaging, but the English probably isn’t very accessible to English Language Learners. The multimedia slideshows are also good, and are probably accessible to Intermediate ELL’s. Their audio reports are the best resources on the site for ELL’s — they’re short reports with audio support for the text.

Quite a few other resources can be found in “The Best…” lists I mentioned at the top of this post.

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