I thought readers might find it useful for me to list in one post some useful (at least in mind :)) pieces I’ve written about my own teaching practice over the past year. It was certainly a helpful exercise for me to review them.

There are some posts that could have been included here, but, instead, I’ve decided to add them to a future post titled “The Best Articles (And Blog Posts) Offering Practical Advice To Teachers — 2010.”

Most of the titles are self-explanatory.

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Here are my choices for The Best Reflective Posts I’ve Written About My Teaching Practice — 2010 (not in any order of preference or, in fact, not in any order at all:

Emphasizing What Students Can Do, Instead Of What They “Can’t”

Can The New “Economic Integration” Study Be Relevant To The Issue Of Tracking By Ability?

The Ethics of “Priming” The Brain (& A Question)

“But Teachers Never Apologize”

“Inner Voice Plays Role in Self Control”

Why Am I Disagreeing With Someone Who Doesn’t Like Standardized Tests?

The (Ironic) Power Of Touch

Saying “Thank You”

Framing A Lesson As “Fun”

I’m In A Great Training This Week — Here Are Some Things I’m Learning….

Do You Keep Plants In Your Classroom?

Does Failure Really “Start To Become Irreversible” At Age Ten?

“Learning Goals” versus “Performance Goals”

“People who are angry pay more attention to rewards than threats” — No Kidding!

The Value Of Sharing Positive Events

When & Why Is It Important To Have Silence In The Classroom?

Surprise, Surprise — Study Suggests “Drill & Kill” Might Not Be Effective

“Background Music Can Impair Performance, Cites New Study”

My “Take” On Recent Study Saying Home Computer Usage Can Lead To Lower Test Scores

“Sense of Touch Colors Our View of the World”

Avoiding Goal-Setting Problems — In The Classroom & In Education Policy

Modeling Classroom Behavior With Student Video

How Students Evaluated Me This Year — Part Two (Intermediate English Class)

How Students Evaluated Me This Year — Part One

Will Doodling Help Students Learn Better?

My Students Reflect On Standardized Tests

“Anger At Our Children” (Or Our Students)

What Can Teachers Learn From Terrorists?

Gratitude Letters & Student Achievement

Believing That Every Student Can Succeed Academically

The Importance Of Good Endings

A Question On Teacher Attire

Students Annotating Text

I’ve Never “Motivated” A Student

This I How I Assess Student Success

Is Teacher Handwriting Important?

“Mr. Ferlazzo, I Need My Post-It, Too”

“I Haven’t Been Feeling Very Respected….”

“Webcam Research Helps Kids Improve Reading Fluency”

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