Each year, I post a “The Best…” list of good and accessible “year in review” features, and I thought I’d get started now…I’ll be adding more as they come online.

This is different from The Best Year-End Collections Of Images — 2010. The sites on this list typically has more text, though most of them are relatively accessible.

Here are my choices for The Best “Year In Review” Features That Aren’t Photo Collections — 2010:

Yahoo’s 2010 Year In Review

Newsweek 2010 Year In Review

The Top 10 Everything of 2010 from TIME Magazine

The 10th Annual Year In Ideas from The New York Times

Looking Back at 2010: Teaching Ideas is a very nice piece from The New York Times Learning Network. It suggests a number of ways to use “year in review” features.

The Atlantic’s “2010 In Review” is surprising accessible and includes several slideshows.

Again, I’ll be adding more as the month progresses.

Feedback is welcome.

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