Teachers’ Union Leading School Reform? Impossible! is the title of a blog post by Anthony Cody at Ed Week. It describes the success of schools here in California that have received funds through the California Teachers Association sponsored Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA).

The school where I teacher, Luther Burbank High School, is one of them, and I contributed a paragraph to Anthony’s piece describing the effect those monies have had on us.

Here’s Anthony’s first paragraph, and I hope you’ll go over to his blog to read the rest:

If you listen to mainstream media, you will hear the message repeated daily that our schools are in crisis, and that teacher unions exist to serve the interests of adults, and are obstacles to meaningful school reforms. You probably have NOT heard about a remarkable success story in California. In the year 2006, the California Teachers Association, the legislative arm of the National Education Association, sponsored a law called the Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA). The results are coming in, and are showing that the schools participating in this program are seeing very positive results.