There are several “words of the year” lists that come out annually. The might be useful for advanced English Language Learners, but I think they can be more effectively used in Theory of Knowledge classes (plus, they’re fun to read for English teachers 🙂 ).

Here are my choices for The Best “Words Of The Year” Features For 2010:

The Words of the Year from The New York Times, which also has links to lists from previous years. The New York Times Learning Network also has a simple lesson plan for using the list.

The Wall Street Journal has an interactive on The Words of the Year.

Merriam-Webster came out with their own Words of The Year. Both NPR and the Christian Science Monitor have articles about Webster’s list, too.

Wikipedia has an excellent section on Words of The Year.

The Top Political Buzzwords of 2010 comes from The Nation.

A 2010 dictionary (abridged) comes from The Boston Globe.

The year in language:The best and worst of 2010 comes from The Boston Globe

Additional suggestions are welcome.

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