The flooding in Australia does not look like it’s going to be ending anytime soon, unfortunately. Flooding is a particularly sensitive topic here, since Sacramento is considered the most likely major U.S. city to suffer a catastrophic flood.

Here is a quick list of my choices for The Best Sites For Learning About The Australian Floods (I’ll also be adding this list to A Compilation Of “The Best…” Lists About Natural Disasters):

Floodwaters Inundate Northeastern Australia is a TIME Magazine slideshow.

CNN has several videos about the floods here.

The News in Australia has a slideshow.

The Guardian has an interactive map.

Australian Flooding is the title of a series of photos from The Boston Globe’s Big Picture.

In pictures: Australian floods from the air is from The BBC.

In pictures: Australia floods is also from the BBC.

The CBBC Newsround has a lot of accessible text about the floods.

Heavy Floods Hit Australia is a slideshow from The Wall Street Journal.

Queensland floods is a slideshow from The Guardian.

New storms soak flood-weary Australian communities is a series of photos from The Sacramento Bee.

In pictures: Queensland flash floods is a slideshow from The BBC.

Australia floods: an interactive map is from The Guardian.

Flooding in Australia is a series of photos from The Denver Post.

Australian flooding is a slideshow from CNN.

Australia’s Flood Crisis is an interactive from The Wall Street Journal.

‘Horror’: Massive Australia floods spark panic is a feature from MSNBC that includes videos, interactives, and slideshows.

Joanne McKell sent me a display of photos from ABC News in Australia titled Brisbane floods: before and after. Though I’ve seen, and posted about, several other “before and after” photos from other natural disasters, these are displayed in a way I haven’t seen before. Check them out and you’ll see what I mean.

Additional suggestions are always welcome.

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