After a two year hiatus, the satirical “Ed Tweak” has begun publishing again. Here are some excerpts:

Rhee: Students Tied for Third

Just weeks after launching her Students First
campaign, former Washington DC Chancellor
Michelle A. Rhee announced that Students have
now fallen into a tie for third. “Students have to
earn First,” Rhee explained. “Life is a competition,
and Students seem to think I’ll let them
remain in First even if they don’t show results.

Waiting for Superman Gets Oscar Nomination

Davis Guggenheim today received an Oscar
nomination for best adapted screenplay, for his
heart-wrenching film Waiting for Superman.
The movie screenplay, based on the book
“Teacher Unions: Spawn of Satan,” combines
the documentary and horror genres in a way
never before seen. It tells the story of five children
as they try to escape from unionized teachers who are, in fact, zombies and vampires.

Gates: Every State Has Its Price

The Gates Foundation has embarked on a
compelling new experiment testing the
hypothesis that a policy proposal, no matter
how inane, will be adopted by state legislators
if enough money is dangled as an inducement