UPDATE: South Sudan since independence: timeline of the Guardian’s coverage – interactive reviews South Sudan’s first year of independence.

South Sudan: how the crisis unfolded – interactive timeline is from The Guardian.

People in southern Sudan will begin voting Sunday on whether they want their independence, and are expected to vote yes on that question. I thought readers might find a short “The Best…” list useful.

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Here are my picks For The Best Sites For Learning About The Vote In Southern Sudan:

The BBC has a nice list of questions and answers about the vote.

In pictures: Southern Sudan set to secede also comes from the BBC.

Southern Sudan Prepares to Vote is a slideshow from TIME Magazine.

Sudan’s Tumultuous History is an impressive interactive from The Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal also has a slideshow.

CNN has a number of related-videos.

The New York Times has an audio slideshow.

In Focus: Sudan Vote is a series of photos from The Denver Post.

Sudan Electionnaire is an interesting interactive created by Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) to help voters learn about the vote. It’s in English and Arabic.

A historic vote in Sudan is a series of photos from The Boston Globe’s Big Picture.

South Sudan Vote Begins is a Wall Street Journal slideshow.

Southern Sudan students’ high school dreams – audio slideshow comes from The Guardian.

Observing The Vote In Southern Sudan is a slideshow from The Wall Street Journal.

The Associated Press has an interactive.

South Sudan referendum: 99% vote for independence is an article and interactive graphic from the BBC.

Thousands flee ‘ethnic cleansing’ in disputed Abyei region of Sudan is a series of photos from MSNBC.

Additional suggestions are welcome.

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