Videotaping teachers in the classroom has been in the news a lot lately, with the Gates Foundation spending millions on doing just that.

I thought a short list of posts and articles that I’ve found informative (or posts that I have written that have helped crystallize my thinking about the topic) might be useful to readers.

My posts on the topic include links to extensive newspaper articles on the Gates Foundation project.

Here are my choices for The Best Posts & Articles About Videotaping Teachers In The Classroom:

Teachers and Nanny Cams: Compliance vs. Trust is a good post from Barnett Berry’s blog.

Big Brother vs. Teacher Professionalism comes from Nancy Flanagan at Ed Week.

Videotaping teachers the right way (not the Gates way) originally appeared in Teacher Magazine, and then was reprinted at The Washington Post yesterday. I think it’s just about the best thing I’ve ever written.

How I Milked A Lesson For Every Last Ounce Of Learning And Why I’m An Idiot For Not Thinking Of It Earlier is a post I wrote about sharing the Post article with my students.

Tape and Analysis to Produce Growth, not a Score is the title of a post by Kelly Young at Pebble Creek Labs. Kelly is our school’s consultant, and who has been leading the videotaping effort of teachers that I’ve been writing about. So, you can now read about my perspective, my student’s perspective and, now, the perspective from the person who was actually doing the videotape and critique.

Why I’m Afraid The Gates Foundation Might Be Minimizing Great Tools For Helping Teachers Improve Their Craft is another post I’ve written.

There Are Some Right Ways & Some Wrong Ways To Videotape Teachers — And This Is A Wrong Way is the original post I wrote about the issue, and contains links to newspaper articles about the Gates project.

And here’s an article describing the use of videotape at its worst and most destructive: Big Brother at Wyoming schools? Legislature considers filming teachers

Might Some School Reformers Have Anything In Common With The Bahraini Monarchy? is the unusual title of a blog post I wrote that speaks to the videotaping topic.

What Bill Gates Didn’t Say About Videotaping Teachers In His TED Talk On Education

Do Educators Want Cameras In Their Classrooms? is by Paul Bruno.

This Is How Videotaping Teachers Can Be Helpful…

Using video to make classroom observations more fair, more helpful, and less burdensome is from The Brookings Institution.

Additional suggestions are welcome.

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