I use PostRank to determine the most popular posts from my blog, Engaging Parents In School, and post a list every quarter. This quarter, PostRank is acting a little strange, so I’m just going to use the number of “hits” on posts to determine this quarter’s ranking.

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Here are My Most Popular Posts On Parent Engagement This Quarter:

1. What Parent Engagement Posts Did Readers Find Most “Engaging” This Quarter?

2. The Power Of A Positive Phone Call Home

3. Parent Trigger Supporters Attack PTA, Compare Schools To Batterers

4. What Do Parents Want?

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6. My Best Posts On Building Parent Engagement In Schools — 2010

7. “Adults blame parents for education problems” (Interesting Poll, But Can We Stop The Blame Game?)

8. Bill Proposed To Grade Parents — What’s In Florida’s Drinking Water?

9. Parent “Trigger” Is Parent “Involvement” At Its Worst

10. What Is With All These Proposed Punitive Measures Against Parents?

Hope you find them useful!