(Also check out “The Best Multimedia Celebrating Mubarak’s Downfall”)

NOTE: I will continue to add resources to this list. For the latest on-going updates, though, several news organizations have created pages where they are continually updating events there with videos and slideshows. These include:

CNN — Egypt

Anger in The Arab World, CBS News

Egypt Unrest is the title of a constantly updated page on the PBS News Hour site.

Egypt News: The Protests is a constantly updated page on The New York Times website.

The Middle East In Revolt, TIME Magazine

Egypt, The New York Times photo blog, The Lede

Egypt News, The Telegraph

Anger In Egypt, al Jazeera


Crisis in Egypt is a regularly updated website from the CBC.



Egypt, The Guardian

I’m writing this list on Thursday night, a few hours before major new demonstrations demanding the ouster of President Mubarak are supposed to begin. There is no telling what might happen, and I thought I’d prepare a quick “The Best…” list with information on what has happened until now. I’ll add more tomorrow (and have already done so Friday morning) I’ll keep updating this post.

Here are my choices for The Best Sites For Learning About The Protests In Egypt:

Egyptians brace for Friday protests as internet, messaging disrupted is a CNN page that has many video news clips.

Interactive: Protests target Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak comes from the Associated Press, and is quite good.

Egypt protests: Flashpoints across the country is an interactive from The Guardian.

In pictures: Egypt protests comes from The BBC.

Protests Rage In Egypt is a Wall Street Journal slideshow.

MSNBC has several news videos.

Riots in Egyptian capital Cairo is a very accessible article from the CBBC Newsround.

Violent clashes erupt during protests in Egypt includes multimedia from CNN.

Egyptians Take To The Streets is an MSNBC slideshow.

Rubber bullets, water cannons: Violent clashes erupt in Cairo has multimedia from MSNBC.

The Day Egypt Lost Internet Access is a TIME Magazine article.

Egypt unrest: Police clash with protesters in Cairo is a video from the BBC.

Third Day of Protests in Egypt is a NY Times slideshow.

Here’s a great visualization of what the government has done to the Internet in Egypt.

Photos: Thousands protest in Egypt comes from CNN.

The NY Times photo blog provides continuous updates at Latest Updates on Protests in Egypt.

Locating the Protests in Cairo is a NY Times interactive map.

MSNBC has lots of multimedia updates.

The Wall Street Journal has another slideshow.

Egypt gripped by violent protests – video comes from The Guardian.

Breaking News English has a lesson for ELL’s about the protests.

Rioting and chaos engulfs Egypt’s capital is a series of photos from the Sacramento Bee.

Protests In Egypt is a series of photos from The L.A. Times.

Regional Upheaval is an impressive interactive timeline from The Wall Street Journal.

Egypt Is Convulsed By Protests, TIME Magazine

Violent Clashes On The Streets Of Cairo slideshow, Wall Street Journal

Egypt anti-government protests continue from the CBBC Newsround

Five minute guide to the unrest in Egypt comes from The News in Australia.

Egypt anti-government protests continue from the CBBC Newsround.

Mubarak Moves to Replace Government After Protests Intensify from Voice of America Special English

I think one of the more useful features different news organizations are creating on the Egypt protests are simple “Q & A” pages. Here are a listing of the best of them, and I’ll be adding them all to The Best Sites For Learning About The Protests In Egypt:

Egypt protests: Q and A from The Telegraph is my favorite.

Unrest in Egypt: Questions and answers is from CNN.

Q&A: What the Egyptian unrest means for the Middle East and the world comes from The Guardian.

What’s at stake for U.S. in Egypt unrest is from USA Today.

Q&A: Egypt protests is from the BBC.

A primer on the Egyptian crisis is from The Star.

In addition, another “must-see” piece on the crisis comes from The New York Times Learning Network, which is regularly updating its great Ways to Teach About the Unrest in Egypt post.

Arab world on the brink: an interactive guide is an interactive from The Guardian.

Massive Day Of Protest is a slideshow from The Wall Street Journal.

The Big Picture from The Boston Globe has some excellent photos.

Protests Sweep Middle East is a page of resources from Scholastic.

Teaching About Events in the Middle East: Lesson Plan is from The Huffington Post.

Violent fighting breaks out in Egypt capital Cairo is a collection of resources from CBBC Newsround.

Here’s a photo of Christians protecting praying Muslims in Egypt.

Muslims return favor, join hands with Christian protesters for Mass in Cairo’s Tahrir Square

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/2011/02/07/2011-02-07_muslims_turn_out_in_mass.html#ixzz1DQN6YiWt

Egyptian Teen Reports on Political Protests in Alexandria comes from the PBS News Hour.

A Closer Look at the Fighting in Egypt is an interactive from The New York Times.

Violence Erupts Across Egypt (28th January, 2011) is a lesson for English Language Learners.

Timeline of Egyptian protests comes from CNN.

Egypt protest signs – in pictures comes from The Guardian

All Eyes On Egypt is an accessible text from the Weekly Reader.

Egyptian protesters’ makeshift helmets – in pictures is from the Guardian.

Why The Arab World Is Seething is a graphic from the NY Times.

Photos From the Protests in Egypt is a very impressive NY Times slideshow.

Three Weeks in Egypt is a series of photos from The Atlantic.

Egypt unrest: Interactive map is a regularly updated feature from The BBC.

Timeline of Egyptian protests is from CNN.

Egyptian Joy as Mubarak Resigns is from Breaking News English.

Now See The 11 Countries At Risk Of Becoming The Next Egypt is from Business Insider.

Egypt: The camp that toppled a president is an interactive from the BBC.

Cairo’s Protest Signs Address a Despot, and the World is a slideshow from The NY Times.

18 Days at the Center of Egypt’s Revolution is a top-notch interactive from The New York Times.

Spreading Revolution is another great interactive from The New York Times.

Here’s some basic information on the country of Egypt:

Egypt Fast Facts from CBS News

Egypt from National Geographic

Egypt Information from the World Info Zone

My website for students has tons of resources on ancient Egypt

Additional suggestions are welcome.

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