Late last year, I wrote a post titled The Arrogance of Bill Gates. It was a commentary about his attack on Diane Ravitch in Newsweek by saying that since she didn’t agree with him than she must be for the status quo.

He’s at it again.

Here are a few comments he made when he visited the Washington Post yesterday:

“There’s almost no profession that you could say that the 2011 practitioner may not be any better than the 1920 practitioner, and teaching I think is the only profession you can say that about. …

On tenure, Gates said he understood why it was needed for college professors. But he said he was perplexed by tenure laws and rules that provide school teachers with significant due-process protections in personnel cases after they pass a probationary period.

“The idea that this one shouldn’t be about what goes on with the kids always seemed a little unusual,” he said. “You know, maybe we should try tenure in other professions. Just, you know, mix it up a little bit. Pay newspaper editors by seniority. Have tenure for them and see how that works. Try it for hot-dog making or restaurants.”

It’s absolutely mind-boggling…